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Mountain Lake

Welcome to the Kingsport Junction!

The intersection of food and fun! 



Often food trucks in our community are the secondary attraction. Here, the KINGSPORT JUNCTION's sole purpose is to promote the artists just as they are! The food trucks are the main attraction bringing their stories from different avenues to a junction. Here these business owners come together at the junction sharing food and fun. We no longer have to chase our favorite flavors around town, but can enjoy them right here in our very own Kingsport business district. 

Sharing Pizza
“The Kingsport Junction is exactly what we need to find our trucks more consistently.”

Clinton Miller



Single Day

3-Day Weekend

4-Day Weekday

We are excited to host an array of food truck artist who sign up for single day reservations at our spot. Be on the look out for these as they are only here for a short amount of time and if you don't catch them the day they are here you might have to wait until the next sighting. 

Trying to take advantage of the weekend crowds and families getting out for fun, music and sports. Here you will find our artist who want to stay the whole weekend with you. 

If you are looking for something exciting during the week - the Junction is your spot. Here these food artists come Monday thru Thursday to draw those that want to get out for a quick bite during lunch or don't want to cook on a busy night. The families and friends join during the week for four days of fun! 

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