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About Us

The KINGSPORT JUNCTION is the innovative product of passionate foodies who love the concepts of food trucks combined with hard working business owners. Having traveled around the world and dedicated most of their careers to fighting for the underdog - here they accomplished both and get to fill their bellies. Although this is not a new concept for larger cities around the U.S. and around the world, here at the Kingsport Junction we add just enough southern charm for their businesses to take off! 

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Outdoor Food Truck


The KINGSPORT JUNCTION will promote and deliver growth opportunities to our small business owners and operators. Our food trucks are centric to the innovative flavors found all around the world. We are excited to provide the creative space for friends, family and the whole community to gather in celebration. 

Citrus Fruits


Our renovated space peels back the first layer for our customers - finding what's delicous. The vision is to holistically promote the food trucks as the creative entrepreneurs they are. Our renovated space will provide a consistent location for our community to find these artists. 

Citrus Fruits
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